We firmly believe that, everyone is a genius, and a genius is a person who is able to utilize his talents and enhance his shortcomings into strength. There is a giant within everyone! The sooner we discover our innate potentials, the sooner our potentials can be inspired! In this society, many of us accidently neglected our children's potentials and intelligences due to our busy workload, and may end up guiding our children aimlessly. Therefore, we will suggest for the society today to discover their innate intelligence, to plan out their future path based on individual potentials and innate intelligence, to avoid making a decision that they may regret in future.

Our company is glad to announce that we are providing DNA-G2 Dermatoglyphics, intelligence appliance for the curious, the blueprint to success, using the latest technology of fingerprints analysis. This appliance will uncover one's innate intelligence and unique potentials based on the integrated database and business intelligence software that provides the highest accuracy in personality and career test. This technology enables you to understand your children better, as well as letting the children understand themselves better.

1. What is DNAG2 Scientific Report

DNA – G2, Scientific Report is a unique Scientific method to better understand the Brain Pattern, Behaviour, Innate skills, Inborn Multiple Intelligence, Strength & Weakness of an Individual using their Finger Prints as an input medium.

DNA – G2 is a UCMAS Education Group initiative formed by Dynamic Professionals holding more than 20 years of professional corporate experience cumulatively in Research of Brain Development. It specializes in the fields of Multiple Intelligences, Assessment & Improvement, Career guidance, Counselling and Behavioural Therapy for Corporate and individuals etc.

Benefits of DNAG2 scientific report

To Children and Parents
  • Discover child preferred learning style & characteristics
  • Identify inborn intelligences & easily neglected intelligences
  • Reduce time & money wastage in talent development
  • Tailor-made preferred learning approach & model
  • Provide a happy childhood, a bright future
  • Boost up child's confidence
  • Improve family relationship

To Individuals
  • Self-empowerment and achieving your goal & dream
  • Invest yourself smartly& personal development
  • Recognize preferred learning style & leadership style
  • Identify your core competencies
  • Understand yourself, pick the right path
  • Ignite your passion of living & rekindle your far gone dream
  • Discover your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ distribution

To Corporations and Business
  • Evaluate management level talents profile
  • Produce your all-star team
  • Empower your team by utilizing their talents
  • Ensure pre-employment screening
  • Position the right talent in the right position
  • Discover hidden value of team member for profits creation
  • Organize workforce for peak performance


1. We first take the impressions of all 10 fingers on the Biometric Device.
2. Analyse the Fingers impressions and generate a Report.
3. Finally, we do a consultation in regards to the Report.

The report is done ONCE in a life time


The DNAG2 reports of clients are treated with the highest confidentiality and are not exposed to any third party. The finger prints of clients automatically get deleted during the report generating process.

Scientific basis of DNAG2

The word dermatoglyphics is derived from the ancient Greek word derma which means skin and glyphs which means carving. Dermatoglyphics came from the research of fingerprints (lines that protrude) and the prints from the soles of the feet, physical growth, genetics, mass distribution and applied science.

Since 1823, scientists discovered that there is a co-relation between fingerprints (Dermatoglyphics) and the brain's innate multiple intelligences/wisdom. It is later confirmed by medical proof. Fingerprints and sole prints (real skin) starts to develop at 13 week and by week 19, they are fully formed. During this stage, the lines and ridges on the fingerprints and the cerebrum (brain) are growing at the same time. There is therefore, a correlation between brain development and finger print development. Once the fingerprints are formed, it stays for a lifetime and does not change. The only time the prints will change is during the formation period due to genetic factors or when there are environmental factors. This theory/deduction is based upon genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics and neuroscience. Besides that, it also uses observation, recording, comparison, classification methods, clinical experience and the integration of multiple intelligences/ wisdom.

In other words, dermatoglyphics is like a map that leads us to explore our innate intelligence. If we utilize this map, we are able to ascertain each another's innate potential, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, grasp each another's unique qualities and differences, making every child, every individual's development a customized and individualized choice. Parents are able to develop their children's inborn talents and breakthrough their shortcomings without groping in the dark or howling at the moon recklessness.

According to the British "Sunday Times", several scientists from University of Barcelona, Spain, came out with a conclusion after conducted a study based on 140 children's fingerprints. The result of the research states that different fingerprint patterns reflect to a person's brain IQ, and people that are mentally challenged tend to have different fingerprint patterns from the norm.

Through the study, scientists found that the mentioned 140 mentally challenged children have more arch and whorl fingerprint patterns. Moreover, they tend to have more anomalous lines on their palm compare to other standard children. As the scientist says, the Simian patterns on the upper palm across our hands are the best to show a person's IQ level.


“ DNAG2 is not a myth, it is purely scientific”
Dr. Thomas K. Dakurah Head of Neurosurgery Unit, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

“DNAG2 Scientific report is a basic tool guide that everyone needs to handle, a tool that empowers you to the top of your profession”.
Kwame Ofei– Director, ITALTEC

“Teachers get to appreciate the uniqueness of each child and know what teaching method to use for each child through DNAG2 report. It helps teachers turn the weaknesses of students into strength.”
AmaKyei-Sasu – Administrator of Sunflower School

“It is a good guide in selecting the right course/program for your ward for SHS and tertiary level”
Emmanuel Ntow- Principal, ST’ Martins Deporres School

“My DNAG2 Scientific report is a true reflection of my attributes”
Dr. KwesiAsabir- Deputy Minister of Health

Exhibit Sample report